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Welcome to the L.M. Montgomery Institute’s 15th Biennial International Conference


L.M. Montgomery and Re-vision  

15th Biennial International Conference Program  


Whether you are joining us in-person or remotely, we are thrilled to welcome you to the L.M. Montgomery Institute’s 15th biennial international conference. Its theme of “L.M. Montgomery and Re-vision” plays off the “Vision” theme of our 2020 conference that transitioned to an online forum due to COVID-19.  

“Re-vision” has proven a wonderfully stimulating concept on its own, encouraging submissions on the editing of literary works, on reinventions within Montgomery’s life, on translation, on literary, dramatic, cinematic, and new media adaptations, on revisiting scholarship and challenging orthodoxies, and on seeing Montgomery’s life and work anew. We are so pleased that so many scholars and students, editors and translators, archivists and artists, and readers from around the world have chosen to spend the next few days considering and discussing these matters. We look forward to the many cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, and cross-generational exchanges that are sure to result—in-person, online, and in a hybrid of the two.  

For those of you attending in-person, we trust you will enjoy your time on campus and on Prince Edward Island. And for those joining us remotely, we will work to ensure that you, too, engage in the conference experience as fully as possible— and perhaps are able to attend in person in 2024. Enjoy the conference.  


LMMI 2022 Conference Co-chairs 

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