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Special Announcement For Friends And Admirers Of Elizabeth H. Waterston

Photo of Elizabeth taken in 2013Image

(and/or The Journals of L.M. Montgomery)

For those of you who are readers of The Shining Scroll 2021, you know that 2022 is the centennial year of our beloved Dr. Elizabeth Hillman Waterston, born April 18, 1922, who has given us decades of fascinating insight into L.M. Montgomery, wonderful companionship, and sustenance for optimism and strength.

In January 2011 Elizabeth was named to the Order of Ontario, in November 2011 she was made a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and on June 29, 2018 she was appointed to the Order of Canada. And, best of all (!) in June 2018 Elizabeth, with dear friend and colleague Dr. Mary Rubio, received the L.M. Montgomery Institute Legacy Award! (She is also the author of a fiction book, Passion Spent, but that is another story)
If you would like to send her a 100th year birthday CARD or a personal message, her family suggests using this address:
Elizabeth H. Waterston
9436 Trinity Circle
Bradenton, FL
Make haste, so that she receives it before April 18. 
Afterwards, she will depart to various family enclaves for weeks of fêtes and meals of forfar birdie and clootie dumplings, possibly culminating in the lighting of a Beltane fire somewhere. 
Just for fun, you may wish to set aside an hour or two to read through her list of publications:
Cordially Yours,
Mary Beth Cavert