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Macdonald Collection


In April 2002, two of L.M. Montgomery's grandchildren, David Macdonald and his sister Catherine Macdonald, donated 18 books to the L.M. Montgomery Institute. The books belonged to their father, Chester Cameron Macdonald, who was Montgomery's eldest son. Most of the books are inscribed by Montgomery to her son "with mother's love" and have her signature with the distinct hand-drawn symbol of a cat.

In addition to the inscriptions, the books also have other special features. Two of the books are leather-bound, gilt-edged pages, which probably means they were personal author editions, and some of the books are stamped "presentation copy" in raised letters. A copy of Further Chronicles of Avonlea has Montgomery's handwritten notes on the front endpapers and annotations throughout concerning a dispute she had with her publisher, L.C. Page and Company.

L.M. Montgomery's grandson, David Macdonald