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A Guide to L. M. Montgomery’s Story & Poem Scrapbooks 1890-1940

A Guide to L. M. Montgomery’s Story & Poem Scrapbooks 1890-1940Compiled by Carolyn Strom Collins

This Guide includes Tables of Contents and an index for Montgomery’s twelve scrapbooks containing hundreds of her stories and poems published in periodicals and preserved in the scrapbooks by Montgomery herself.  The original scrapbooks are kept in the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown; photocopies are available in the Special Collections Department of the Robertson Library at UPEI. 

Since the clippings were not placed in any particular order in the scrapbooks, scholars who wish to find specific stories and poems in them will find this Guide a useful tool to locate the titles quickly in the scrapbooks.  

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An Annotated Bibliography of the Stories and Poems of L. M. Montgomery

An Annotated Bibliography of the Stories and Poems of L. M. Montgomery

Compiled and Edited by Carolyn Strom Collins

Since Rea Wilmshurst’s bibliography of Montgomery’s stories and poems was published as part of Lucy Maud Montgomery: A Preliminary Bibliography (Russell, Russell, and Wilmshurst: University of Waterloo, 1986), several independent researchers have been searching for more citations. Now Wilmshurst’s original bibliography has been updated with hundreds of new citations, showing the depth and breadth of Montgomery’s publishing history.

In addition to updating Wilmshurst’s chronological bibliography, two more sections list the stories and poems – over 500 of each -- according to the hundreds of periodicals in which they were published. Selected annotations from Montgomery’s journals and letters provide context for many of the stories and poems.  

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'Twilight Sorceries', James Lumber

A number of highly edited and shaped volumes with essays inspired by our biennial conference themes, produced with the aid of LMMI SSHRC-funded research. 

The LMMI also has plans to launch print-on-demand works and continues to make available such treasures as a facsimile edition of the periodical serial “Una of the Garden” (which became the novel Kilmeny of the Orchard) and the specially commissioned James Lumbers print of Montgomery, Twilight Sorceries.