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Guest Blog By Heidi Haering: Where in the World is L.M Montgomery?

We are living in a time where our world seems unsteady and insecure. There is a sense of nervousness regarding global affairs, such as health and the economy, and a reality that seems shaped by divisive language and actions. However, words can also unite. 

The L.M. Montgomery quote map hopes to bring together the worldwide community of fans and scholars who enjoy the author’s works for many reasons, one of which is to take comfort in familiar characters, themes, and landscapes. With each new location added to the map, the L.M. Montgomery Institute hopes to demonstrate that there is an enduring and shared spirit in the novels that so many readers have enjoyed for over 100 years, in over 30 languages.


To reflect the ways and the places where Montgomery is loved, the L.M. Montgomery Institute asks you for two things:

1) We would like you to share a quote or passage from a Montgomery work that has resonated with you.

2) Your favourite location for reading Montgomery (please do not select your home address for privacy reasons).

The goal of this map is for Montgomery fans to show each other where they are in the world and to highlight the diversity of Montgomery's readership. The survey is now closed, but you can view the map here.