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Meet LMMI's New Student Digital Media Assistant: MacKenzie Cutcliffe

The LMMI is thrilled to introduce you all to our new Student Digital Media Assistant, MacKenzie Cutcliffe.

MacKenzie is currently a student at UPEI studying Applied Communication, Leadership and Culture. Before returning to PEI she had a career as a musical theatre performer, teacher and choreographer in New York City. She has worked across the United States performing in Mary Poppins, Annie, White Christmas, Legally Blonde and many more! MacKenzie is excited to be expanding her knowledge at University and she is excited for the opportunity to work with the LMM Institute!

I asked MacKenzie a few important questions so we can get to know here bettter.

Melanie Fishbane (MF):What was your first experience with L.M. Montgomery?

MacKenzie Cutcliffe (MC): My first experience with L.M. Montgomery was when my mom would read the Anne of Green Gables novels to me before bed. When my grandfather found out I was reading them, he told me all about L.M. Montgomery because she was friends with my great grandmother! There are even letters between the two floating around in my family.

MF: What is currently your favourite Montgomery book and why?

MC: Anne of Green Gables will always be my favourite, but recently I have really enjoyed reading her Journals and learning more about her life.

MF: With your musical theatre background, I'm curious to know what is your favourite thing about the Anne of Green Gables musical?

MC: Everything! I have seen hundreds of Broadway shows but Anne of Green Gables will always be one of my favourites! The story works so well set to music and dance. I always say musicals are written when the emotions are so strong that the characters can't express themselves any other way but through song and dance. What's more Anne Shirley than that?!

MF: Ice cream or raspberry cordial?

MC: A raspberry cordial float!!! Trust me it's delicious.

MF: Sounds it! Yummy!

Please join me in welcoming MacKenzie to the LMMI!