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How We Celebrated L.M. Montgomery in 2017

2017 was such an amazing year for L.M. Montgomery, that it inspired CBC to call it the year of Anne of Green Gables.

It was such a great idea, that we thought we would put together our own list. 2017 saw the publications of a number of Montgomery-related books, as well as conferences and special days celebrating her work across the country.

Here’s just a few (in no particular order):

1. UPEI hired, Dr. Katherine Scarth, the first ever Chair of L.M. Montgomery Studies and Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture (ACLC).

2. The LMMI partnered with Alan Edwards from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in Fredericton to create Virtual Reality Display of the wreck of Marco Polo, which Montgomery wrote about when she was a teenager.

3. Dr. Elizabeth Epperly, LMMI’s founder and UPEI’s past-president published her creative memoir, Power Notes.

4. Dr. Emily Woster started her two-year posting as LMMI’s Visiting Scholar.

5. Melanie J. Fishbane published the first ever fictional account of L.M. Montgomery’s teen years, Maud: A Novel Inspired by the Life of L.M. Montgomery.

6. Carolyn Strom Collins and Christy Woster’s edited collection of short stories, After Many Years, was published by Nimbus Press in May and there was a launch part at UEPI in July.

7. The publication of Andrea McKenzie and Jane Ledwell’s edited collection of essays, L.M. Montgomery and War, based on the 11th biennial LMMI conference.

8. The release of two more editions of the Complete Journals of L.M. Montgomery, edited by Jen Rubio.

9. Kate Macdonald Butler’s updated Anne of Green Gables Cookbook released in the fall.

10. The first ever meeting of almost 40 Island business and tourism operators, artists and educations with connections to Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables came together to discuss future opportunities.

11. The L.M. Montgomery Society of Ontario held a three-day conference in Leaskdale this fall on Montgomery’s contributions to the “Spirit of Canada.”

12. The L.M. Montgomery Heritage Society held a number of events this year including a day of talks, L.M. Montgomery and the Great War, and its annual Montgomery Christmas.

13. Bala’s Museum with Memories of L.M. Montgomery recreated the trip that Montgomery and her family took when they visited Muskoka.

And, with the L.M. Montgomery and Reading Conference, the release of two collection of essays and Project Bookmark’s plaque on the Montgomery homestead in Cavendish, 2018 promises to be another excellent year.