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Conference Workshop: Revisioning Land as Teacher and Healer: Mi’kmaq Stories and Theories


By Julie Pellissier-Lush 

Relationships to place, land, and nature are key elements of L.M. Montgomery's novels, poetry, and life-writing. It is, then, imperative to explore these themes through the Indigenous philosophies, poetry, songs, and stories of the ancestral land and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People of this region. Indigenous scholars and storytellers have narrated how stories are theories and not separate from the land, but of it. Organized by the L.M. Montgomery Institute's Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) subcommittee, this workshop will convey the place-based ways of knowing and being of the land and the healing it offers through Mi'kmaq stories and the act of storytelling. To register, click here.


Julie Pellissier-Lush at sunset in Cavendish, PEI



Bio: Julie Pellissier-Lush is the Poet Laureate of Prince Edward Island, an author, actor, and educator of Mi'kmaq culture and heritage. She is the Coordinator of the Mawi'omi Student Centre at UPEI, and has worked with young families at the Mi'kmaq Family Resource Centre and as vice-president of the Aboriginal Women's Association of PEI. She wrote the poems for the play "Mi'kmaq Legends," which has been performed throughout Atlantic Canada since 2010, and she is the author of the best-selling "My Mi'kmaq Mother."  


  Julie Pellissier-Lush at sunset in Cavendish, PEI