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The Ryrie-Campbell Collection

The Ryrie-Campbell Collection is the most sizable and significant of the LMMI Collections, the fruits of a life-timeʼs work by Dr. Donna Jane Campbell, a leading collector of publications by and about L.M. Montgomery.

Dr. Campbell is currently donating her great trove of Montgomeriana in installments to the LMMI. Among this collectionʼs riches are three rare first edition/first impression AGG -- in the three variant colour bindings of taupe, light green and chocolate brown -- along with a complete run of early North American editions of all the books published by Montgomery in her lifetime. Other rare English-language editions (notably Australian and British publications), are joined by more than 20 editions in languages other than English, ranging from Arabic to Spanish.

Already amounting to more than 700 titles, the collection will soon grow stronger still with the donation of its final installment, a vast archive of original issues of North American periodicals in which Montgomery published hundreds of stories and poems.