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Annes of the World

Our first exhibit draws on the rich holdings of the Ryrie-Campbell LMMI Collection demonstrating the extraordinary global reach of Anne. While her popularity in Japan is well-known, many do not realize that Montgomery's work -- most especially Anne of Green Gables -- has been translated into more than 20 languages. This exhibit shows cover art for more than a dozen translations, in languages ranging from Arabic to Turkish.


Anne of Green Gables - Arabic

Stockholm : Dar al-Muna, 2001
Trans. Sukainah Ibrahiem
Cover by: Elisabeth Nyman
372 p.
ISBN: 9789188356338


Anne of Green Gables - Chinese

Beijing Shi : Hua wen chu ban she, 2005
Trans. Ren Shanshan yi
317 p.
ISBN: 9787507518191


Anne of Green Gables - Danish

Copenhagen: Høst & Søn, 1987, 1997
Trans. Gitte Nordbo
Cover by: Ib Thaning
ISBN: 8714189917


Anne of Green Gables - Dutch

Baarn : Fontein, 1979
Trans. E.R. Kuitenbrouwer-Dickson and Hermine Vermeulen-Smit.
Cover by: Bert Bouman
2 vol.
ISBN: 9789026112256 (v. 1)/ 9789026112263 (v. 2)


Anne of Green Gables - Estonian

Tallinn : Ersen, 1999
Trans. Jana Linnart
Cover by: Joseph Miralles
236 p.
ISBN: 9789985760505


Anne of Green Gables - French

Paris : Hachette, 1964
Trans. Suzanne Pairault
Cover by: Jacques Fromont
252 p.


Anne of Green Gables - German

Bindlach: Loewe, 1995
Trans. Irmela Erckenbrecht
Cover by: Ulrike Heyne
240 p.
ISBN: 9783785520857


Anne of Green Gables - Hebrew

Jerusalem : Keter Publishing House, 2000
Trans. Kristinah Kadmon
270 p.
ISBN: 10-510986


Anne of Green Gables - Icelandic

Reykjavík : Mál og menning, 1988
Trans. Axel Gudmundsson
Cover by: Brian Pilkington
190 p.


Anne of Green Gables - Italian

Milan: Mursia, 1981
Trans. Maria Grazia Odorizzi
Cover by: Ambra Costa
261 p.
ISBN: 9788842527176


Anne of Green Gables - Korean

Seoul: Ungjin Ch?ulp?an, 1995
241 p.
ISBN: 890101226X


Anne of Green Gables - Norwegian

Kristiana : H. Aschehoug & Co., 1918
Trans. Elise Horn
208 p.
First Norwegian edition.


Anne of Green Gables - Polish

Warsaw : Nasza Ksiegarnia, 1956
Tran. Rozalia Bernsteinowa
Cover by: Bogdan Zieleniec
342 p.


Anne of Green Gables - Slovak

Prague: Albatros, 1993
Trans. Alena Benesová
Cover by: Dagmar Berková
201 p.
ISBN: 9788000003795


Anne of Green Gables - Slovenian

Celje : Mohorjeva Druzba, 1998
Trans. Irene Mira Gantar
Cover by: Božidar Strman-Mišo
291 p.
ISBN: 9612182280


Anne of Green Gables - Spanish

Barcelona: Emecé Editores
Trans. José García Díaz
286 p.
ISBN: 847888159X


Anne of Green Gables - Swedish

Stockholm : Wahlströms, 1941
Tran. Aslög Davidson
Cover by: Gustav Lannmark
251 p.


Anne of Green Gables - Turkish

Yuvasiz çocuk
Istanbul: Altin Çocuk Kìtaplari, 1983
Trans. Ipek Ongun
185 p

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