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Board of the FLMMI Donate Money to the Macneill Homestead in Cavendish

A message and video from the L.M. Montgomery Institute of UPEI (with Denise Bruce) and the L.M. Montgomery Literary Society.

This past week the Board of the Friends of the L.M. Montgomery Institute agreed to contribute up to $5000 to the Macneill Homestead in Cavendish for new trees, replacing damaged and lost trees in the recent hurricane.

Dr. Philip Smith, Chair of the LMMI, shared this information with David Macneill on September 21. Most of the planting would take place next spring and it is our hope that these funds, along with the current GoFundMe campaign, will ease the burden on the family and assure the many admirers of Montgomery that the beauty and peace of the birthplace of Anne of Green Gables will endure.

We were cheered to hear from Dr. Smith that “Parks Canada supplied a crew of four for one day, with their equipment, to help with cutting up some trees and getting them out of the way. It was a big help to David and he's been able to re-open the site, with cleared pathways.” And it was sobering to learn that the cost of large tree removal, if done by professionals, is about $1000 per tree.

We hope many supporters will be able to contribute to the ongoing fundraiser, “Save Montgomery’s Hallowed Ground,” all amounts are very much appreciated!

This 30 second video shows LMM’s old apple tree and the foundation of her home where she wrote Anne of Green Gables as it looks today.