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Welcome to the L.M. Montgomery Institute’s 15th Biennial International Conference

Digital exhibition, “The Anne of Green Gables Manuscript: L.M. Montgomery and the Creation of Anne.”

Exhibitions: History and Art

Re-Visioning Montgomery Studies Through an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lens: A Roundtable Discussion Sponsored by the LMMI EDI Subcommittee

Conference Event: An Evening with Maud on Stage

Meet One of Our Keynote Speakers: Lesley Clement

Meet One of Our Keynote Speakers: Alan MacEachern

Special Announcement For Friends And Admirers Of Elizabeth H. Waterston

Call for Applications: L.M. Montgomery Visiting Scholar Program (1 July, 2023–30 June, 2024)

Meet One of Our Keynote Speakers: Marah Gubar


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