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Our Partners

The L.M. Montgomery Institute gratefully acknowledges the following groups and individuals for their support and encouragement:

Current L.M. Montgomery Committee Members

  • Dr. Philip Smith, Chair, Psychology
  • Dr. Lesley Clement, Past LMMI Visiting Scholar
  • Dr. Tracy Doucette, Psychology
  • Dr. Elizabeth Epperly, Founder, Professor Emerita
  • Dr. David Hickey, English
  • Dr. Yolanda Hood, Dartmouth College
  • Dr. Neb Kujundzic, Dean of Arts
  • Dr. Alan MacEachern, Visiting Scholar, Western University
  • Dr. Jean Mitchell, Anthropology
  • Donald Moses, Robertson Library
  • Dr. Laura Robinson, Past LMMI Visiting Scholar, Acadia University Dean of Arts
  • Dr. Kate Scarth, Chair in L.M. Montgomery Studies; Applied Communication, Leadership and Culture
  • Dr. Emily Woster, Past LMMI Visiting Scholar

Past Chairs and Members of the LMMI

  • Dr. Francis W.P. Bolger
  • Lesley Anne Bourne
  • Professor Robert Campbell
  • Dr. Doreley Coll
  • Elizabeth DeBlois
  • Dr. Clare Fawcett
  • Melanie Fishbane
  • Dr. Anne Furlong
  • Dr. Irene Gammel
  • Dr. Rosemary Herbert
  • Deirdre Kessler
  • Dr. Richard Kuriel
  • Jane Ledwell
  • Dr. Benjamin Lefebvre
  • Mark Leggott
  • Simon Lloyd
  • Anna MacDonald 
  • Dr. Andrea McKenzie
  • Dr. Jane Magrath
  • Duncan McIntosh
  • Dianne Hicks Morrow
  • Dr. Shannon Murray
  • Dr. Elizabeth Percival
  • Louise Polland

Community Supporters

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits is an electronic mailing list dedicated to the discussion of the works and life of L.M. Montgomery. The list was established in November 1994 by three pioneering Montgomery fans and came to the LMMI in the spring of 1995. An active venue for Montgomery scholars and enthusiasts from all over the world, the Kindred Spirits list is an important tool for fostering and expanding the world-wide knowledge and love of Montgomery and her writing. To join to the Kindred Spirits mailing list, click here.

Friends Of The L.M. Montgomery Institute

The Friends of the L.M. Montgomery Institute supports our ongoing work through fundraising and other activities. All monies raised by the Friends go directly to Institute projects; please click here to learn how you can help the Friends help us today! The Friends is an all-volunteer group drawn from the ranks of Montgomery scholars and admirers across North America. This photo shows (most of) the dedicated group who came together to form the first Friends' Board at the L.M. Montgomery Conference in Charlottetown in June 2012.

Special Thanks

  • Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado of Japan, our International Patron.
  • The Hon. Adrienne Clarkson, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D for her on-going support of L.M. Montgomery's work and legacy and for serving as Canadian Patron of the LMMI when she was Governor General of Canada.
  • For our Virtual Museum of Canada Picturing a Canadian Life exhibition partners for continued, mutual support: Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery, National Library of Canada, University of Guelph L.M. Montgomery Collection Archives.
  • Rob Drew, Donald Moses, and Mark Leggott for their help with LMMI website redesign.