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Conference Workshop: Sharing Our L.M. Montgomery Stories


By Trinna S. Frever  

Share your L.M. Montgomery Story! Thanks to all of you who shared your L.M. Montgomery origin stories—the story of how you discovered Montgomery’s work and why you connect with it—for Kate Scarth’s and my story collection website. Now let’s engage with the oral storytelling tradition that is so rich and developed in Montgomery’s novels by sharing our stories together and discussing their collective impact. Whether this workshop meets in person or virtually, participants will be asked to reflect on or construct a brief version of their Montgomery story for possible sharing and discussion. I may also share some insights on potential connections among the stories themselves, trends across people’s Montgomery reading experiences, how her writing facilitates these connections (between her, her work, us, and our reading), and the beautiful ways life and art intersect, especially for readers. Come join our storied world! For registration information see here.  

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ImageBio: Trinna S. Frever, Ph.D. is an accomplished scholar with over twenty years of experience teaching, presenting, and publishing works on multicultural literatures of the Americas, women’s literature, intermedia theory (especially intersections of oral storytelling, film, and fiction), and L.M. Montgomery in particular. Hailing from Michigan, with degrees from both University of Michigan and Michigan State University, Dr. Frever moved to Florida and earned a full tenured professorship at Palm Beach State College before leaving to devote herself to full-time research, writing, and fun. She considers Fred and George Weasley to be her role models in this regard.  She has presented at over thirty national and international conferences, eight prior L.M. Montgomery Institute conferences, published a half dozen essays on Montgomery, and is a featured guest on several literary podcasts. The Your LMM Story project with Kate Scarth is her latest endeavour. Read more at her really-needs-to-be-updated, hope-to-get-to-that-soon website.